What Sets Us Apart?

Life at Cookson Hills is designed to help kids take responsibility for themselves both now and in the long-run. To successfully achieve our mission, we take into account every part of a kid’s world while they are with us. We develop a personalized Plan of Care for each child, which considers their physical, spiritual, educational, and emotional needs.


A healthy family is the best place to learn interpersonal communication skills, cooperation, respect, and love. Each child who comes to live at Cookson Hills is placed in a home with house brothers and sisters. Homes are run by married houseparents who complete customized trauma-informed care training and live on-site with the kids.


Every day the children who live at Cookson Hills walk to school (after morning chores and breakfast). At school, they are part of small classes and learn from dedicated teachers who know how to bring out the best in our students. Through school, students can join sports teams, participate in clubs, and explore new interests. Click HERE for more information.


Counseling services are provided for every child at Cookson Hills. Professionals connect with kids through proven methods, like horses in our equine program. Through utilizing a personalized Plan of Care, our staff works hard to help kids heal in a way that is right for them. We also offer family therapy to the families of children who are living at Cookson Hills.