How We Do Home

Kids start their life at Cookson Hills by becoming part of a family. They move into one of our nine childcare homes with married Christian houseparents who provide a stable and loving home, support their educational goals, and teach necessary life skills.

Kids work with their Cookson Hills social worker to develop a personalized Plan of Care (POC). This plan gives students the opportunity to recognize areas of growth and set goals that will help them write a better story. Houseparents walk alongside children as the child works toward achieving their goals.

For many kids, Cookson Hills is the only home they will ever know. Their biological families are permanently out of the picture or unable to care for them. So, the people at Cookson Hills become family, and houseparents become surrogate parents. God’s relentless love for these kids is revealed through family life at Cookson Hills.

Spiritual Life & Family Experiences

At Cookson Hills, students are surrounded by a culture of deep spiritual values. Kids participate in a range of faith-based activities, including Sunday Worship, daily family devotions, and family prayer time.

Additionally, housefamilies enjoy outings such as sporting events, concerts, swimming, hiking, festivals, and family vacations.


Launching Into Adulthood - Epi

"I want to leave the legacy of changing someone’s life. That's what was done for me and that's what I want to do."


Nicky and the Math Test

"It’s because I care. If I didn’t care, I would make you keep the grade you earned, with no chance of learning from mistakes."


Why I Teach at Cookson Hills – Karen

"As a survivor of childhood abuse, I feel privileged to live in this greenhouse. Every day is a new day to write a better story. "