Debbie Tinkler
Mission Trip Coordinator

“I get to hang out with teenagers 24/7. They keep me young and on my toes but also add gray hairs to my head. I love watching them grow, become forward thinkers and begin thinking about others and not just themselves.”

Debbie and her husband Mike first learned of Cookson Hills back in 1978. It wasn’t until 2008 when they were looking to relocate to the southeast Kansas, that they considered serving in this ministry though. They decided to apply for the role of houseparents position but thought it was a long shot due to their age… but in 2009, Mike and Debbie joined the team at Cookson Hills. Debbie is a steady, well-organized, and loyal mother, wife, and co-worker and serves the ministry well. While their kids are in school, Debbie coordinates all of the Mission Teams who come to serve. Debbie is a certified Biblical Counselor and is married to Mike. Their children (Seth & Lindsey, Shawna & Isaac, Joshua & Melissa) have all grown-up, gotten married, and given them life’s greatest blessings— grandchildren (Makenzie, Elisha, Emily, Carlie, Jason, Anna & Chandler.) If you can’t find Debbie, welcome to the club; she never slows down so it’s hard to locate her sometimes! But you may find her outside gardening, reading, or just enjoying the sunshine.

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