Randall Stauffer
Maintenance Technician
Senior Class Sponsor

Randall and his wife, Eunice, first learned of Cookson Hills in 2017, when their church in Villa Rica, GA visited to decide if they wanted to partner with our organization. Not only did Cookson Hills gain a strong partnership with this church, we also gained a very mission-minded, hard-working, and skilled engineer for our team. Randall officially joined the team in 2018 as a Maintenance Technician. He loves his job because he has the opportunity to work with other Christians, make a difference in children’s lives, and use his craftsman skills for God. Randall has an Associate degree in Electrical Engineering as well as a Machinist and Mechanical Design degree. Randall and Eunice have two sons, Jesse & Daniel. If you cannot find Randall in the office, that makes sense; he is never there because he’s all around campus improving facilities! Your best bet is to look for the red van with the ladder on top, or listen for his joy-filled laugh in the dining hall. If he really is clocked out though, you will find Randall at our Cookson Hills Christian School sports games, being Grandpa to our preschool kids, or studying the trades and engineering theory.

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