Learning Through Adversity – Cheyenne


What is adversity? Adversity is the condition of being in unfavorable or distressful circumstances. I’ve been through many unfavorable circumstances in my life: divorced parents, abandonment, physical and sexual abuse, neglect, jealousy, hatred, and I’ve been trapped in my own bitterness towards God. But I’ve learned so much.

We often look at the bad things and wonder, “Why is God doing what He is doing?” We wonder why we’re going through so much. Why do bad things happen to good people? However, I’ve learned to trust God and never doubt the amazing plans He has for me.  It rains on the just and the unjust. No matter how deeply you jump into your faith with God, no matter how many good deeds you do for the love of the Father, bad things are still going to happen. There will still be death, heartbreak, sin, and hurt but I’m learning to lean on God in all of that.

Adversity has taught me that there is power in love and forgiveness. No matter what people have done to me, I choose not to hate. My goal in life is to be like Jesus, no matter how many times someone turns their back on me, I want to have open arms, just the way Jesus does. No matter how many times someone hurts me or does something cruel to me, I do not seek revenge because I need to forgive. Don’t throw a pity-party in your heart and soak yourself in the pain of the past. When something bad happens, turn to God. Use anything bad to glorify God and be patient to see what God is doing with it.

More than anything, I’ve learned there is nothing in the world like God. Nothing. No power brought on from other spiritual sources compares. No love from another human compares. No money, designer clothes, nor beauty, will ever fill the hole meant to be filled by God. Without God, you’ll always feel empty. No matter how beautiful you are; no matter how many people admire you; no matter how much money you make and how much M.A.C. makeup you own, you’re not full. Being with God is truly like walking on sunshine. You feel full and content and loved in a way the world cannot love.

We are all lost and need to be found.
We are all broken and need to be put back together.
We are all weak and need strength.
We are all thirsty and need to drink.
We are all blind and need to see.
We are all damaged and need to heal.
Through it all, we are all children of the King of Kings.

This is what adversity has taught me.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Cheyenne, Class of 2019, is from Lawson, Missouri and loves to write, dance, and eat Chinese food.