Amazeum Field Trip


During a break week, 21 elementary students visited the Amazeum. Hear about their experience here!

Cookson Hills provides students with various opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. During a one of our break weeks, we boarded 21 elementary students on a bus to check out the Amazeum in Bentonville. It was advertised to be one of the best children’s museum around…a statement that was soon confirmed.

The kids split into two groups and began exploring. One group watched a tornado demonstration and learned how hot and cold air mix during storms. Another group watched as an earthquake shook up their sandbox and leveled their buildings. The kids loved the “bat cave” where they used flashlights to crawl around and learn about bats. Another big highlight was the rock climbing wall and climbable tree canopy in the center. Each exhibit provided a new curiosity and excitement for learning.   

But don’t just take our word for it, let’s hear directly from the kids. We asked them, “What was the highlight of your Amazeum trip?”

“I loved the Hershey lab. We got to use hammers to crush the ice breakers and then mix up different flavors. At the end, we asked if we could drink it. They said yes, so of course we did. It made us feel sick for a little while…but it was worth it!”
– Riley, age 10

“They had these awesome police guys who walked around everywhere. If you ever got lost, you could just run to the huge truck in the middle of the room and then they would call out your parent’s names on the loudspeaker. It was pretty cool”
– Noah, age 9

“I loved being a kid again. I felt like the whole day I could just run around and have fun without any interruptions”
– Michelle, age 12

“I liked playing in the little Walmart place where you could get a bunch of fake food and then pretend to make things at the bakery. I was the customer most of the time. I ordered my favorite sandwich with ham, lettuce, and those red potato things…what are they called? Oh yeah, tomatoes!”
– Kadence, age 6

“Climbing up the ropes course area was the best! The boys raced up and down to see who could get to the top the fastest”
– Kaleb, age 9

“The tornado machine was super cool. I’ve always liked science so it was fun to learn more. I found out that a tornado doesn’t just stay straight…it goes all curvy. Also, I can destroy a small tornado just by slapping my hand through it! That only works with the display one though”
– Noah, age 11

“I liked playing in the playhouse. I pretended that I was a farmer and then went out to feed the pigs. I would put the old apples and milk in a bucket and then pour the slop in the pig pen for them to eat”
– Hadassah, age 9

What a great experience for a field trip! Thank you to everyone who made this opportunity possible.  

ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Christine Spading, Storytelling Group Associate, is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and enjoys hiking, playing with her kids, chai tea, and dark chocolate.