My Story of Service – Rebekah


After an invitation to attend the Cookson Hills College Classic for the first time, KCC (Kansas Christian College) women’s basketball team was eager to see what lie ahead of them. Selected Christian Colleges from around the nation come together for a week-long basketball tournament. The initial thoughts from my young players were ones of anxiousness, uncertainty and nervous anticipation about staying on the campus. Most of their reserve came from knowing that they probably wouldn’t have cell phone service during their stay.

Moments after we arrived, we were greeted by the welcoming Cookson Hills staff. Instantly, the warm welcome with our host family made us feel connected. My players and the kids in our guest’s home were equally excited and met with enthusiasm! As the evening progressed, the love of Jesus was felt strongly within the walls of our home. My college girls quickly found their niche, residing with the youth— they were intermixed with games, laughter, food, and of course basketball. We entered as guests and left as family.

The support we had from the students and staff in the stands, the interaction with the youth, and the distance away from technology was a blessing. The team learned what it means to be a family, to be united, and to enjoy the journey and company of others. Initially, we were unsure, but we left changed for the better. Thank you, Cookson Hills for being a life changer for Kansas Christian College. We hope that we have the opportunity to come again for years to come.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Rebekah Vann, resides in Lawrence, KS. She is the head women’s basketball coach at Kansas Christian College, and teaches PE for Overland Christian School. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing basketball, and traveling.