Counseling center dedication

Killion Family Counseling Center Dedication


“On behalf of the Killion and Cole Families, we are honored to be here. We are truly humbled by this counseling center dedication and ribbon-cutting event.

Cookson Hills meant so much to my parents. It was an integral part of their lives, which also became a part of Carol’s and my life, then our spouses Cathy and Page, and now the next generations.

I can’t remember exactly when my parents became involved with Cookson, but I do know that one of the most important relationships was with Lawerence and Ellen Hallum in the early 1960s.

Lawerence and my dad met through leadership activities at Ozark Bible College, which transformed into a strong personal relationship. I remember Lawerence and Ellen staying with us at our home in Nowata frequently. They would stay up after dinner, discussing with my parents how they could make Cookson better. It became a team effort for the four of them.

A Living Hope

I have tried to think back as to the reasons they were involved and committed for over fifty years. In truth, I think it comes back to a scripture that comes to mind.  

“In his great mercy, he has given us new birth into a living hope.”

1 Peter 1:3

They believed that reaching the world for Christ started in the family. Allowing children who have had difficult circumstances in their lives to experience what a Christian family looks like was important to them. Therefore, Cookson can be, and should be, the NEW BIRTH into that HOPE.

I also think there are also some personal reasons that they loved this place. Both my parents grew up in rural Missouri and Arkansas. They loved being in nature, and combining nature with nurturing children touched on many of their values.

A Legacy of Focus on Jesus

Our family and friends are thrilled to be in attendance today. Our parents touched many lives in Northeastern Oklahoma, and they believed everything should be focused on Jesus. But having their legacy recognized is very special to us and allows the next generation to see what can be done when we focus on Jesus.

We are humbled to have this Counseling Center and Daycare dedicated to the Killion name.

But most importantly, we pray that this Counseling Center be used to:

  1. Heal kids 
  2. Bring those kids to know Christ loves them
  3. And know that their future is in their relationship with Christ.

The worship song More than Able may summarize our family’s wishes for the best: 

“You are more than able!

Who am I to deny what the Lord can do?

You aren’t done with me yet!”

-More Than Able, Elevation Worship

Thank you for allowing us to share this event with you.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Alan Killion is the son of Ben and Sue Killion.