Facts and Dreams


By Edwin L. Beem

Some people choose to live entirely in a world of hard facts and realism, they accept only those things which they can contact with one or more of their five senses. Others choose to live in a dream world, refusing to accept the facts of life. Some even go to the extreme of spiritualizing all things until their eyes are closed and their ears deaf to the unfortunate and needy of the world.

Suppose a brother or a sister has no clothes or food. Suppose one of you says to them, “Go. I hope everything turns out fine for you. Keep warm. Eat well.” And suppose you do nothing about what they really need. Then what good have you done?

James 2:15-16

We can hear again the words of our blessed Lord as he said “Let the little children come to me. Don’t keep them away. God’s kingdom belongs to people like them.” His loving hands took the loaves and fishes. Looking up He asked heaven’s blessings and the weak and weary earthly bodies of the multitudes were strengthened.

These are the facts

Dear Christian Friends, your school here in the Cookson Hills of Oklahoma has some very real things; 400 acres of the most beautiful hills and hollows of this area; over 1 and 3/4 miles of the east boundary of this property is on State Highway 10. Trees of many varieties add beauty to the landscape. These can be harvested by select cutting and will not mar the natural beauty. At the same time, they provide wood, lumber, and fence material. Many types of grass grow profusely and with brush control and pasture improvement, there is a literal paradise for animals.

God has given us water FROM THE ROCKS! Yes, the water simply flows from the rocks. One spring is strong and as far as I have been able to find out has never gone dry. Two others are dependable most seasons. One good stock pond is now on the place and others could be constructed that will hold water all year through.

When God asks, “What do you have in your hand?” we can point to these things and say, “This, Lord, is what we have.” When He asks again, “What are you going to do with it?” then we must face more facts and I believe, a few dreams. First of all, we can say we have five active boys; they have a Christian home and Christian training; they have animals to own and care for; a few pieces of machinery to learn the mechanical part of farm life and timber harvest.

We Dream

We dream of the day when our schoolhouse (now under construction) is complete. When we have not one Christian home on our property but two, three, four, and five, if the Lord wills maybe more. We dream of a Grade A Dairy; a broiler factory; fat Beef Cattle, and a herd of Swine. We dream of a well-staffed Day School where not only the Three R’s are taught but where God’s Holy Word is a part of the curriculum. Where woodworking and mechanics are available to the boys, and home-making and handcrafts are available to the girls.

We dream of boys and girls finding a haven of rest where Christian Love is the law of life. We dream of young men and women leaving this place prepared to take their place in society and be leaders in Christ’s church. Making a good contribution with this life but above all being prepared for that greater life when this earthly journey is thru.

Dreams becoming reality, A family enjoying time together, a christian school, and time with horses.

Where Facts and Dreams meet

Dear ones in Christ, will you share our dreams? If you will then we must face facts once again. The only thing that can bring our dreams to reality is consecrated, consistent giving. Many people are enthusiastic about work of this kind until money is mentioned. Then, seemingly their love of the Lord wax cold. Brethren this ought not to be so! Jesus said not to lay up treasure on earth, where it will only decay and waste away. Lay up treasure in heaven, friend. How better could you bank your money in heaven than to invest it in the life of a dependent child?

We thank God upon every remembrance of you all who have so sacrificially entered into this work. Pray for us as we strive to be your ministering hands and your loving hearts that we shall keep our eyes upon Jesus. May all things be done through Him, to the Glory of God the Father.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Edwin Beem came to Cookson Hills in the spring of 1957 with his wife, Louisa, and daughter, Maxine. They lived in Oregon before moving here. Edwin started out as the Farming and Lumber supervisor and Louisa was the first teacher for the school. He was described by his long-time friend, Arnold Kernen, as "A farmer by trade and a preacher at heart. Hard-working and well suited for the task."

Edited for readability by Lauren Hard