Life is Like a Ladder


Cookson Hills has been a vitally important part of my life. I decided to represent my time here with a drawing. 

The ladder in the picture signifies my life. The bottom rung is my past, the middle rung is my time at Cookson Hills, and the top rung is my future. The background colors gray, blue, and yellow all have a meaning and are strategically placed.

Let me explain the bottom rung first. That rung is crooked because my past was crooked. It was painful, confusing, dark, lonely, and unstable just like the rung is unstable. The gray behind it represents my dark mood.

The middle rung, which represents Cookson Hills, shows that I have climbed up from the bottom rung of instability. It is straight because it is stable and good. The color blue behind the second rung represents the peace I have found at Cookson Hills.

The colors gray and blue are not colored in at a straight line but diagonally to represent that although my time at Cookson Hills is a time of peace, it is still affected in many ways by my past. The gray still has a part in this time of peace at Cookson Hills.

The top rung represents my future and is parallel to the Cookson Hills rung because I hope that my future will follow in line with what I have learned here and that my life will be on the good path and not the wrong one. The color yellow in the background represents goodness and holiness. To be holy means to be set apart and I hope that my future is good and set apart from my past.

To me, Cookson Hills means a step out of an old life and a start of something new. It’s my second chance, what I hold on to, what I can look back on, my temporary home, a part of my upward climb in life, a reminder that living is worth it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Kelsey Franklin, class of 2016, is from Arlington, Texas and enjoys running, writing, riding horses, and hanging out with people. Her favorite football teams are Oklahoma University and the Dallas Cowboys.