Nicky’s Quarantine Chronicle

A teenagers quarantine log

At the beginning of the new year, my family went into quarantine to help stop the spread of Covid-19 on our campus. After a few days of boredom, I decided that it would be best to keep a log of my time. It started out as a way to be able to communicate my experience with others but it quickly became a way to keep my sanity.

Quarantine Day Five – Sunday

When people from the community come to drop off things we need, they often ask, “How’s quarantine?” The simple answer is lonely, bored, and terrible. I don’t have Covid-19, BUT– here I am stranded in lockdown. I made a daily routine to include workouts and lots of reading and stretching. When I am bored, I read, and then when I am bored with reading, I read. Then to put a little spice into my routine, I stare at a wall… and then read. 

To be honest, I am afraid I’m running out of books to read. I’ve been on quarantine for five days now, and I’ve read four books already. They’re not centimeter-thick books either, they’re inch-and-a-half books! If my IQ isn’t any higher than it was before reading all these books, I’m gonna be angry!

read, quarantine, higher IQ

My routine also included trash-ball. Alec had once suggested practicing basketball shots with a trash can and wads of paper — a most ridiculous idea that in no way could be fun. However, during quarantine, I was like, “Man, this is a great game!” 

Tonight, news came: school will be paused until January 18. Yes! Now I don’t have to do my Great Depression research or miss three basketball games!

I’m missing everyone – well, maybe not my siblings so much.

Quarantine Day Six – Monday

Today was a good day! None of the other houses went outside, so I got to shoot a real basketball — a lot. Toward the end of the day, I was so bored I played Frisbee golf in the backyard, and I hate this sport with a passion! If a person doesn’t come out of quarantine somewhat crazy, they’re crazy. I found myself going on long walks… around the house.

There are those who can sleep half the day away. And then there are those like me with 8 a.m. bio-programmed wake-up times. My early rising has given me SO many more precious moments of b-o-r-e-d-o-m. 

Quarantine  — nobody seems to like it. I was, however, really thankful for all the people who asked if we needed anything because it showed the campus was thinking of us. 

I really, really miss everybody and hope no one else has to go into quarantine.

Quarantine Day seven – Tuesday

The weather was amazing today. Dad said we wouldn’t watch a movie this afternoon because the weather was so nice. I went outside after lunch to enjoy it but after only fifteen minutes the Hensons came out. So we had to go inside; I asked Dad, “How about a movie?” 

A quarantined person tends to enjoy things he never thought he would. It’s either becoming grateful or just going crazy. One of the best things now is to slash a line on the calendar at the end of each day! I look forward to this simple event.

Joke – What do you call a bird who has to be quarantined? CROWvid-19

Quarantine Day Eight – Wednesday

This morning we went outside. This afternoon, we watched Journey to the Center of the Earth. We ate dinner, and then we watched Journey to the Center of the Earth 2. I love that movie. Our family loves to quote movies, and if someone is around our family for a while he or she may not have any idea what we are talking or joking about. We have so many inside family jokes based on movie quotes.

Sometimes I pause and ask, “What IS happening to me!?!” The boredom just eats at my sanity! I played disc golf again this afternoon! The next thing I know, I’ll be playing shuffleboard!  I miss hanging out with my friends, so I’m writing as if I am chatting with them because it’s basically the only way I can communicate my thoughts. What about that joke I made up? It’s quite stupid, but that’s what happens when one starts slipping from reality.

I’ve started to make myself laugh, and I’ve argued with myself on random things. My MP3 player has played the same 10 songs in a loop. I’ve replayed memories in my head. And now, there are no more books to read. I’ve never been so bored. I’ve started doing more chores because there’s nothing else to do. Maybe I’ll make a movie: Journey to the end of Covid.

Quarantine Day Nine – Thursday

Today for lunch, we had chili cheese dogs and my mom put jelly on her hot dog! I do that too ‘cause I learned it from Uncle Ken, and then I spread the gospel by telling everybody about it. Now a lot of people do it, but I didn’t know until today that my mom did too!

After lunch, we watched a movie and then went outside and threw a football around the backyard. I miss everybody and hope to see them soon! 

hello, wave, front door, quarantine
This is the only way to see friends during the quarantine. Members of the family took turns waving out the front door to those playing outside.

Quarantine Day Ten – Friday

Today was freezing so I didn’t go outside. Lunch, movie, repeat. I’m sure I went into quarantine at 16, but I’m feeling I won’t get out ’til I’m 40. Time seems so slow. All the days have just blended into one. Once I start to think about them, I get so confused. Is this normal?!

Quarantine Day Eleven – Saturday

Today went by pretty fast. This morning we did chores and then I helped make lunch. Playing the Wii, working out, and talking to Noah helped the day go by. Dinner was dad’s homemade pizza, and the movie Shark’s Tail, it’s a good one.

Quarantine Day Twelve – Sunday

After breakfast, we “went” to church online and ate a good lunch. After dinner, everyone but Noah and I had a phone call with a family member, and then we went to bed. Four days and counting. Here’s hoping no one else has had to lockdown into boredom land.

Quarantine Day Thirteen – Monday

Why did the Lord have to create Mondays? I woke at 8 am, ate breakfast, did chores, and Bible homework. After lunch, the Henson’s went to the court and we yelled our greeting from far away. It’s so nice to have friends. History homework checked off the list for the week — to get it over with. Night at the Museum 3, and we’re down to only 3 more days. 

Quarantine Day fourteen – Tuesday

This morning I did a whole lot of homework. I finished history, I almost finished Spanish and science for the week, and I have no idea how to do math right now. Lunch was tacos, and dinner was one of my favorites, meatball subs. We watched another movie and I forced myself to workout.

After quarantine, we go on 10 “days off” because we missed days off this month. No, wait, we missed everything this month! Only 2 days to go, and I will be able to see people without a mask on and won’t have to yell or wave through a door!

Life is looking up! This journey is almost over but is not one I will soon forget.

Well until then, that’s all folks!

houseparents, twins, quarantine
Nicky with his brother, Noah, and houseparents before COVID.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Nicholas, class of 2023, came to Cookson Hills in 2011. He enjoys hunting with Mr. Kelly, hanging out with friends, and playing on the basketball team. And for those wondering, Nicky and his family made it out of quarantine just fine and successfully prevented the spread of COVID-19 on our campus.