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See you at the pole

By April Graney | Chargers Chronicle | Volume 5, Issue 2 | 14 October 2022

 Not having a flagpole couldn’t keep Cookson’s first-ever “See you at the Pole” event from happening on Wednesday, September 28th! “See you at the Pole” is a global movement of students organizing and leading prayer for their schools on the fourth Wednesday in September each year, and this year our Cookson students got to experience it for the first time!

The “See you at the Pole” movement began in 1990 when a single youth group from Burleson, Texas, had a retreat, and some students felt led to go during the weekend and pray for area schools. Their example was shared with a large conference of students later that year, and the movement grew. The first official “See you at the Pole” saw more than 45,000 students praying at 1,200 school campuses in Texas and three other states. The movement has grown to millions of students across the US and 20 other countries. 

Kerry and housemom Amanda huddle close on a chilly morning while little Elliana eyes the donut breakfast.

Kerry Hubbartt helped to organize this event. She said she wanted Cookson Hills students to understand the value of students praying for each other. She also wanted to help them recognize that they are part of something bigger than themselves, their family, and our community at Cookson Hills.

After a short devotion led by Mr. Curry, the group broke up into groups of ten. A high school student leader led each group to pray for different areas of the ministry of Cookson Hills.

Adults and students filled the prayer groups led by students.

Overall, the students seemed to really enjoy the event.

Jeremy said, “It was awesome that we got to pray for everyone in the world.”

Abrianna said, “I enjoyed listening to other people and how they approached God. We should continue this event in future years.”

Brianna said, “I liked praying for those in need as a large group.”

Lastly, CJ said, “I liked gathering as one to consider others that are not regularly thought about.”

Thanks to everyone who came out to pray for our school, nation, and the world! We hope to “See you at the pole” next year!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR — The yearbook class of 2022-2023: Faith, Hayley, Maya, and Chayde. Advised by April Graney. This publishing class produces a school newspaper each term called the Charger Chronicle as well as a yearbook at the end of the school year.