Middle School Mentors

Every other Wednesday, the middle school students get to help the elementary students. We call it “Middle School Mentors,” and it is a part of our Cookson Hills Christian School service learning focus. Mrs. McLendon takes the 8th graders to work with Mr. Brian’s 4th and 5th grade class; I take the 6th and 7th graders down to Ms. Hodges’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade class.

This week, I brought a few extra kids to Ms. Hodges’s class. Most of the kids got to read with their students. The extra kids got to help Ms. Hodges with a project: sorting math flashcards.

Middle School mentors read to elementary students.
Caleb guides A.J. through his reading lesson
Meanwhile, Nate, Clay & Ayden help Ms. Hodges prepare for the next activity.

I was sitting in front of two girls reading together, and a conversation I overheard went something like this…

Middle School mentors read to elementary students
Taniya, grade 6, listens to Lily, grade 2, read her story in Ms. Hodges’s cozy reading corner!

Older girl: “The question says, ‘Why does the character gather these items?’”

Younger girl: “Hmmm….um….I don’t really understand…”

Older girl: “OK. Um, do you have toys at your house?”

Younger girl: “Yeah!”

Older girl: “Well, why do you have toys at your house?”

Younger girl: “Because I like playing with toys!”

Older girl: “Ok…so now, why do you think she likes to have those?”

Younger girl: “OH! Because she likes using them!”

Older girl: “Yeah! Good job!”

My older student led this younger student to the answer by relating the idea to something familiar. 

That is a skill that can’t be taught. That is a big deal, and if you are a teacher, you understand why it’s a big deal. I’m so proud of this student, and I can’t wait to see her continue to grow!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Ashley Farmer, Middle School Teacher, is from Edmond, OK. She loves to spend time doing everything and nothing with her husband, traveling to see family, and feeling her growing baby boy wiggling around in her tummy.