Motive matters: In one act


Narrator: Every year Van and Tammy Benson bring their expertise and do a Motive Matters training based on The People Code by Dr. Taylor Harman for the staff and senior students of Cookson Hills. Before the class, every person takes the Personality Test to see what their color code is. During the training, students and employees learn about each personality and how they interact with one another. 

Two students sit in their study hall class discussing their experience with the training.  

Sidney: I really enjoyed the Motive Matters training! Mr. and Mrs. Benson are just so fun and do a good job sharing all the information from The Color Code. I loved all the different ways they explained how someone functions based on their personality. It was quite a unique experience. 

Jonny: Yeah, and it was exciting to see how everybody views their color code and how the different personalities work together. I mean, you have the Reds who are motivated by power, Whites by peace, Blues by intimacy, and my personal favorite: Yellows – who are motivated by fun!

Sidney: You’re only saying that because you’re a Yellow, Jonny! It was fascinating to learn all of our limitations and strengths. I think the coolest part, though, was the fact that there were grown-ups AND us kids all in the same training! This was the first year both groups were together, and it was amazing.

Jonny: It was pretty impressive how the different age ranges and lifestyles could connect and learn more about one another. Seeing the adults’ vulnerability showed me that I can always become a better me no matter my age! Though at first, I was a little nervous about taking this class.

Sidney: Why is that? This class is essential, and I am honestly glad that Cookson Hills makes all their employees and seniors take this class. It helps benefit our community when we can all understand each other a little better. It helps us connect. 

Jonny: I suppose you’re right. This training helped show me how to interact with people and build better relationships. That is going to benefit me even after high school!

Sidney: The whole thing was just super fun for me. I love learning about people and why they do the things they do. So, when I took the test, I was very excited to see what my color would be and how it would make me see myself. After learning that I was a Blue, I realized how meaningful my relationships with other people are! 

Jonny: That’s super awesome, Sidney! 

Sidney: Jonny, were there any eye-openers for you?

Jonny: Yeah! I learned that no one color is more important than the other. And actually, the goal is to be GOLD, for others not to be able to tell what color you are because you are living out the strengths of all the colors. GOLD is the color of character! These attributes are developed rather than ingrained into us like our personality. Working toward GOLD helps us become the best version of ourselves that God wants us to be!

Sidney: Well, that is super awesome, Jonny! I’m thrilled we were able to do this class together and learn more about ourselves. I have to go now because Mrs. Lauren is calling for me. I think I was a little late writing a paper or something for her! Oops! See ya!

Jonny: See ya, Sidney!

Color code, people code, seniors, power, relationship, intimacy, peace, fun
Motive matters seniors show the different colors and what motivates each. Jonny- Red: Power, Lexi & Sidney – Blue: Intimacy, Sierra- White: Peace, Micah- Yellow: Fun.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Sidney is a CHCS 2022 Graduate who is a Blue in the color code. She enjoys time with friends and family, anything creative like painting, doing theatre, choir, writing stories and poems, and yearbook! She loves anything from Toy Story and is also the “Dad Joke Queen” on campus.

Jonny is a CHCS 2022 Graduate who is a Yellow in the color code. He enjoys baking, hiking, board games, and school.