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Straight to the Championship

By Hayley | Chargers Chronicle | Volume 5, Issue 1 | 19 August 2022

This season on the Cookson Volleyball team, we have an exciting line-up.  We have Lexie, Faith, Hayley, Ahbrianna, Taniya, and Reagan on Varsity.  JV/Varsity consists of Brianna, Kelsey*, Jaelynn, and Victoria*. On the JV team, we have Maya, Amyah, Megan, Kaylee, Kyla, and Lily. The team manager is Laurel.

Volleyball, serve, ace
Abrianna starts the game off with a powerful serve and making an ace!
Photo by Chayde

This year we started off with the Charger Invitational. This double-elimination varsity tournament was a great start to this year’s season. The girls started out on Friday playing against Immanuel and TCCA, winning both games. On Saturday, when bracket play started, the girls won their first game against BAHA. Then, they went to play against Owasso, winning and moving on to the next round. In round three, they won against Immanuel taking the team to the Championship game!


The championship game started at 9:30 p.m. against Immanuel, who beat Owasso Prep in the losers bracket. The game started out great, but then Immanuel started to take the lead.

volleyball, fans,
Cookson Hills fans support the Volleyball girls as they win their last point of an earlier match.
Photo by Sidney

Immanuel won the first set, then the second, winning the tournament. When Faith was asked how she felt about getting second place, she replied, “We were all very tired. We started the game at 9:30. It was exhausting. But we are very excited that we got 2nd place, which was better than we did last year.” She also said, “I feel we basically won the tournament due to the fact that we won more sets in total.” 

When senior Lexie was asked what she is excited about this season, she said, “I’m excited to spend my last year with my team and continue to learn what good leadership is on and off the court.” This year, our seniors are Lexie, Faith, Jaelynn, and Megan. Here’s to a great season!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR — The yearbook class of 2022-2023: Faith, Hayley, Maya, and Chayde. Advised by April Graney. This publishing class produces a school newspaper each term called the Charger Chronicle as well as a yearbook at the end of the school year.