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Teachers Retreat

Over Thanksgiving break, the teachers had a retreat at New Life Ranch. Organized by Mrs. Jackson and Ms. Hodges, our teachers had time to learn and bond with each other and it was a huge success.  The theme of the event, “It Is Well,” promoted taking care of yourself in order to take care of others. Many teachers enjoyed this 3-day event full of rest, relaxation, and fun down-time. Activities included archery, hatchet throwing, trail hiking, and horseback riding. “Overall, the event was very relaxing and insightful,” said Mrs. Riley.

The teachers on retreat at New Life Ranch were able to be themselves. This is what they look like when students aren’t around.

The workshop speakers’ topics encouraged teachers to optimize self-care. Mr. Kelly said, “Mrs. Jackson and Ms. Hodges did an excellent job of accomplishing the goal of rest and rejuvenation. There was a lot of bonding between colleagues and some really deep conversations.”

Special thanks to Mrs. Jackson and Ms. Hodges for their organizational efforts and to Valarie for designing the awesome T-Shirts and also to Kya and Val for putting together the swag bags full of fun surprises and gifts.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Jonny, a 2022 graduate, is in the 20-21 yearbook class. This publishing class produces a school newspaper each term called the Charger Chronicle as well as a yearbook at the end of the year. This article was in Volume 3, Issue 3 of the Charger Chronicle.