Together – Video


In Exodus 17, Moses told Joshua to pick men to go out and fight Amalek. While the men fought, Moses, Aaron, and Hur went to the top of the hill. When Moses held his hands up, Israel prevailed and when his hands were lowered the enemy prevailed. As could be expected, Moses grew weary and his hands grew heavy. Because of this, Moses sat on a stone while Aaron and Hur held up his hands, one on each side of him. His hands became steady until the going down of the sun and Joshua was able to see victory.

In the context of Cookson Hills, being together means we hold others’ hands up so we can see victory in the lives of those around us. In our role on the front lines, we do get tired. There are times we need someone to come along and hold us up so we can keep going.

This video highlights how kids in our care have experienced togetherness and how it has lifted them up during difficult times. We want our ministry partners to know the power of togetherness. Your support is like that of Aaron and Hur when Moses could not deliver the Israelites on his own.

We work and stand together so that children placed in our care can see what it means to live in a family. We want kids to see a better story. That is what working together does. It shows those around us the context for a better story for their life — A life full of the love, grace, and truth found only in the person of Jesus Christ.