We need your help finishing our Counseling
and Daycare Center!

Our original project estimates to build this Daycare and Counseling Center were $887,000. These funds were swiftly raised by 437 donors in one year! Now that we are ready to break ground, our lowest construction bid has put this project at $1,500,000. 

As of today, we still need $276,000 to complete this project.

Right now, we do not have the funds to complete the last four months of construction. If we stop construction at that mark, the cost will increase further. 

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With your help, we will have the funds in place to complete another month of this facility that will give our kids a safe place to heal their hurts and grow their minds!  


Permanent preschool facility— Living in a rural area makes it difficult for families with young children to come and serve at Cookson Hills. About six years ago we began offering an on-site daycare wherever space was available. For the past two years, we have been using an empty childcare home. But now, we need that home for its original purpose.

Counseling center on the Hilltop — For years, we offered counseling by the barns, but this required a staff member to spend four days a week transporting kids to and from appointments! For two years, we have used utility rooms in our library. However, these rooms do not provide the privacy our kids need as they share their traumas and hurts with their counselor.

The Ben & Sue Killion Counseling Center will provide 3-HIPPA certified counseling rooms to give our kids privacy while sharing their life’s hurts.

Architectural rendering of the counseling center and daycare!


Our Board of Directors and Leadership team have determined that the best solution is to build an addition to the backside of our school (see the highlighted area of the image above).

The new total cost of this project is estimated to be $1,500,000.


Please, prayerfully consider what size gift you can contribute. This is a capital expense, meaning it will not be included in our regular budget. We encourage your gift to be above what you may typically already give to the ministry.