Thank you for your interest in supporting Cookson Hills as your VBS Mission this year! This page is designed to help you see what your gifts can accomplish and equip you with resources to walk you through Mission Moments throughout your VBS week.



Will you be supporting Cookson Hills at your VBS this summer? We’d love to hear from you! Please let us know when your VBS will be, what goal you’ve chosen, and if you have any questions. We appreciate your support!

VBSsupplydriveThroughout the year, about 75 kids will call Cookson Hills home.  During this time, many basic needs arise. A supply drive will put tangible goods directly into the hands of the kids at Cookson Hills. In order to steward finances well, please only choose this goal if you or a member of your church will be able to drop off the supplies at our main office.

VBS100BASIC NEEDS: Starting over can be scary, especially when you’re 9 and you don’t know anyone in your new home. A $100 goal can supply a new child with their basic hygiene needs, and pillows and blankets to curl up in at the end of a long day.

VBS300EDUCATION: Our on-site Christian school allows our students to get an education in a safe place that also encourages them to get to know Jesus. A $300 goal can supply an entire classroom with everything they need for 1 month! From curriculum and supplies to technology and textbooks, you can equip an entire classroom!  

VBS500COUNSELING: When you’ve been through a lot of hard and scary things in life, the best way to heal is to talk to a Christian counselor who can help you walk through your messy past. A $500 goal can cover 6 months of counseling for a child who has been through a lot of hard times in their young life.

VBS800MEALS: As a kid, some things in life are unknown, like what is for dinner tonight or if there will be any blue popsicles left when you get home. Did you know that some kids wonder about where their next meal is coming from or what day they’ll get their next meal? A goal of $800 will provide 530 meals for the children at Cookson Hills and give them security by knowing that one of their most basic needs will be met.

VBS1200FUN ACTIVITIES: When you’ve been through a lot of scary things in life, you remember those things for a long time. A goal of $1,200 can provide 1 month of fun, positive, lasting memories for the entire campus. With volleyball, basketball, cross country, equine experiences, and summer trips to swim, fish, or visit the zoo, this goal will help our kids replace bad memories with new and positive memories to carry with them for the rest of their lives!