Hey neighhh-bor,

It’s me, Amigo! You know, the most handsome Quarter Horse in all of Oklahoma. Well, now that we’re acquainted, I wanted to share something with you. Did you know that horses can sense the emotions of people? Even when a kid is putting on a happy face, but they are hurting deep down, we know it and, like a mirror, we reflect their emotions.  Us horses help kids see deep inside themselves and can help them start the process of healing from their past hurts. That’s why the equine program at Cookson Hills is so important!

Now, it costs $40,000 to operate our equine program each year. We horses need hay bales, medical care, equipment, facilities, a trainer, and some horses (okay, me) require special food. 

That’s why I’m asking you to open your heart and give a gift to fully fund the equine program at Cookson Hills today. 

I promise I won’t spend it all on carrots and apples, my Grandma brings me plenty of those!

See you neigghhxt time,