Leah was born to two drug-addicted parents, called a car her ‘home,’ slept on the streets, moved around to many foster homes, and was adopted for a time. All before she was 13. A next meal was never a “guaranteed” thing. So when she did get a meal, she would stockpile and hoard food to make sure she would have a “next meal.”

But you can help! Did you know it costs $1.16 to give a meal to a child at Cookson Hills? That’s right! That’s $139,500 for the year, but when you break it down, it’s only $1.16 per meal! 

So, how many meals would you like to provide for Leah and the children at Cookson Hills?

Any gifts exceeding our need will be put towards other areas of our program that will help kids like Leah learn to write a better story. 

As you fill Leah’s plate and the plates of all of our kids, you will also be filling their hearts with security, love, and the chance to write a better story. 

Please take action and give a gift before December 31st.