Hello, my name is Carrie- Carrie the Backpack. Now, I’m not some boring old knapsack; those guys can’t even stay awake! No, I get to roam the halls of Cookson Hills Christian School each day and I just had to tell you something I’ve learned! 

Our kids carry so much more than the weight of a normal backpack. The things they have been through make school a lot more difficult. 

In fact, it becomes thirty-two times harder for kids who have been through trauma to succeed in school! Their backpacks are shoved full with so much emotional weight, that school feels impossible. 

That’s why Cookson Hills helps kids unload the weight in their backpacks while also giving them teachers who understand what they have been through. 

How you can help kids carry their backpacks 

I know you care about the kids of Cookson Hills, so I wanted to be sure you heard about this opportunity to have your gift doubled!

If you give before September 30th, 2022 your gift will be matched, up to $60,000!

Your $50 becomes $100. Your $500 becomes $1,000.
That $60,000 becomes $120,000! 

Would you help our kids carry their backpacks by giving a gift to Cookson Hills today?