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Will you help start kindergarten at Cookson Hills?

When Sarah was placed at Cookson Hills the summer before her Kindergarten year, her little world turned completely up-side-down. All of a sudden, she got a new mommy and daddy, new brothers and sisters, new friends, a new home… and then the school began. Cookson Hills Christian School is a 1st -12th grade school, so Sarah had to go to a nearby public school instead.

More new people. More new friends. She spent eight hours a day in a place that didn’t connect with anyone or anything she knew. None of her school breaks lined up with her siblings or friends. Her school was not trauma-informed. She did not get the holistic care she needed. And what education she did get, was not coming through a Biblical lens.  

Sarah is every five-year-old that has come to live at Cookson Hills, until now. 

You can stabilize the world for kids like Sarah, by giving a gift that would start kindergarten right here at Cookson Hills.

Why start Kindergarten now? 

Schools everywhere are trying to figure out how to adjust to prevent further spread of COVID-19. But our already-small class sizes (4:1 average student-teacher ratio) and on-campus housing will naturally help alleviate spread of the virus. 

Sarah won’t be alone when she begins in our new K-1 class. We already have five staff children and a top-notch educator waiting to welcome her. Now we need you to help fund this classroom and our school. 

Your gift will give our youngest, most vulnerable students the opportunity to start and continue their education here at Cookson Hills Christian School. 

Even better, when you give your gift before September 30,2020, every dollar given will be matched up to $75,000!  

Your $30 becomes $60. Your $75 becomes $150. That $75,000 becomes $150,000! 
“Your Gift”                 =                   “Your Gift”                 +             “The Match”

Give a gift today and help Sarah, and all of our CHCS students, get the education they need to write a Better Story.