Did you know kids who have been through three traumatic events are 32 times more likely to struggle in school?  

That’s right. Success in school will be 32 times more difficult for each kid here at CHCS. Thirty-two more obstacles. Thirty-two more twists and turns. Talk about an obstacle course! 

That’s why Cookson Hills focuses on educating students academically, spiritually, and socially in a healing-focused environment. Between the small class sizes and trauma-informed care model, CHCS gets an “A+” for helping kids who are at risk! 

You can help kids navigate the obstacle course

$1.50 doesn’t buy much these days. But thanks to a gift match opportunity, $1.50 is all it takes to provide a child at Cookson Hills with one day of a healing education.

Your gift could cover all the supplies, curriculum, field trips, sports, spiritual development opportunities, and fine arts for a student at CHCS for one day!

Give today, and your donation will double

When you give a gift to Cookson Hills before September 30th, 2023, your gift will be doubled to $62,000.

Your $50 becomes $100. Your $500 becomes $1,000.
That $62,000 becomes $122,000! 

What will you give a child? A day, week, term, semester, or whole school year?! Give your gift today!