Provide education for kids who are at-risk!

Growing up, Sidney had one dream for herself; to be successful.

In our world today, success usually means wealth and fame. To Sidney, success is different. “Success meant not leading the same life my parents did and giving my future family a stable home.”

Like Sidney, we know that to have a successful future, kids need a solid education.  Which is why we provide Cookson Hills Christian School (CHCS), a private, on-site, K-12 school for our kids. 

Our school staff focuses on educating students academically, spiritually, and socially in a trauma-informed environment. We integrate a Biblical worldview into all content areas, and our small class sizes allow teachers to make sure each student is getting the instruction they need.

How you can help Sidney find success

When you give, you are joining a village of people who look at our kids and say, “I believe in you. You can do great things.”   

Even better, if you give before September 30th, 2021 your gift will be matched, up to $85,000!

Your $30 becomes $60. Your $75 becomes $150. That $85,000 becomes $170,000! 

Give a gift today and help kids like Sidney get the education they need to write a Better Story.