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Help us teach a Biblical Worldview
to children at-risk

Not Your Average Christian School
Many students at Cookson Hills Christian School come to us with corrupted views of God because the person who brought destruction into their lives also claimed to be a Christian. So, we step into the lives of kids in the midst of confusion and brokenness to show them the love of our Father; the only one who can restore this world.

A Different View
We seek to show our kids Christ in every interaction at Cookson Hills. One way in particular is by integrating a Biblical worldview in all content areas. In English, you will find students working on a Venn diagram, comparing the disciples and the Greasers while reading the book The Outsiders. Across the hall in science, students are learning about the intricacies of creation and the intentional ways God designed all of it. Biblical truths are sewn into the fabric of every class. 

Matching Grant Opportunity
We’ve been presented with a generous dollar for dollar match. If we raise $75,000 before September 30, 2019, every dollar given will be matched. Your thirty becomes sixty. Fifty becomes one hundred. Together, our $75,000 becomes $150,000!


Our students will one day launch from this place. Until then, we want to do our best in helping them develop the tools and thoughtfulness necessary to learn the truth of Scripture and apply it to the challenges they will face. We hope you will join us! 

Learning about the Bible during science class has helped me understand how lessons from the Bible are a life application, not just a good story. I appreciate that I can discuss the Bible with any teacher and get clarification when I need it. Our teachers incorporate the Bible and God into all we do. It helps us go deeper into the Word.
REI – Class of 2021