Karen Hodges

“I love teaching my students about God, His Word, and His creation. I am thankful to work in a trauma informed environment that facilitates the healing of wounded hearts.”

Karen first discovered Cookson Hills in the spring of 2013 in the Career Center section of the ACSI website. We are so thankful that she did! Karen joined our teaching staff that summer and has been a valuable asset to our school ever since. Karen teaches the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students in all subjects, plus elementary art and elementary drama through our 4-Him Program in the spring. Her creativity, kindness, and comfortable classroom make anyone who steps inside her door wish they could take a seat and return to a simpler time of life. Karen has a Bachelor of Arts in Bible, Missions and Christian Education, and a Masters of Arts in Teaching and TOEFL, all from Columbia International University. If you cannot find Karen in her classroom, check the teacher’s workroom, she’s probably crafting up something amazing for her students. If Karen is at home, she’s likely reading, creating art, cooking, or watching a movie.

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