Luke Beard

Luke and his wife, Leah, felt God’s calling to be houseparents but had no more information than that. As they started researching, Cookson quickly jumped to the top of their list and stayed there throughout our whole search process.

In November of 2020, Luke, Leah, and their son Lincoln moved to Cookson Hills to begin their role as houseparents. Luke describes his role as a housedad by saying, “ My role is to be there for the kids in our home for all things; whether it’s questions, appointments, school work, or just giving them the attention they need and deserve. What I enjoy most is seeing the kids learn to interact with one another and grow, even in the small things. When the kids are at school, Luke also spends time volunteering in our maintenance department and Storytelling Group. 

If you can’t find Luke, you probably haven’t looked hard enough because he’s in all the places all the time. But you can most likely find him hiking, camping, being around my family, playing games, or working on small building projects.

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